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ecBlog is a very simple blog application. Just run and use.

Technology Choice

I developed the site as expected with the MVC and HTML 5. Why MVC? In fact there is no one reason. I developed with one of the many features of MVC . MVC comes with a specific architecture, it also contains support for the routing process, is able to easily DI, supports Data Annotation Nanespace, can work with Ajax. I have not come to mind more features.

I've used SQL CE database. All you see posts in SQL CE database. In terms of both development and deployment is extremely comfortable. I've used the EF Code First for ORM.


I have written everything that is necessary for the implementation of the blog. Open ID with site authenticate. I enter posts with a HTML editor.

My intent was to make a site between the portal and blog. Therefore, each to page layout can be changed. I added also a DynamicRoute. so the page slug information comparing the request address. If you created a custom page, is being redirected to the address there. This created a special page, such as /tag/composite.

When site first run, creates database and opens the installation page then adding administrator user has been the authority to the management of the blog. After setup the site manager gives authority to users with the management panel.

The users do not need to login to post comments. All comments are sent to the administrator mailbox. The site manager approved comments with the management panel. The site manager will change every thing in the site with management panel.

After you setup the site may change completely at run time. The site files can change with the File Browser without having to deploy again.

You can see blog on run time here

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